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The Rupaul’s Drag Race Controversy

**This post coincides with 2 other articles that have been posted today: Why Rupaul’s Drag Race is Mainstream and Supporting Your Local Performers. Feel free to give them a read after reading this!**

One of the glorious parts of having a mainstream show, is the ability for it to reach numerous audiences. Whether it be for their viewing pleasure, them liking someone on the show, or it just simply being an amazing show. However, there is also a bad side to all things that are good. In this case, there were three big controversies that Rupaul’s Drag Race has been involved in: RuGirls Being Everyones Attention, Believing That Rupaul’s Drag Race Is The Only Drag and Size Factoring For The Winners

RuGirls Have Taken Over Drag

This is one of the controversies that, to me, has to really be seen, rather then be heard. It is a controversy that goes “Many would rather pay to see a RuGirl perform, rather than see a local performer“.

This controversy is true.

I have seen people put $100 into getting a ticket just to sit in the back row of a show that is headlining a RuGirl rather than see them put $3 (the typical cover to get into a local show) to go see a local performer perform.

I have seen people stand in lines for days to see someone that was on the show, rather than stand in a line to go support a local performer.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I will almost guarantee, that what the person pertraied on TV is going to most likely what they will be doing when you see them in real life. Take that money, and go see your local performers. They are the reason why a show like Rupaul’s Drag Race even exists, it doesn’t end when the show ends, and it doesn’t start when the theme song comes on. It is 365 Days a year, 24 Hours A Day.


Contrary To Popular Belief, Rupaul’s Drag Race IS NOT The Only Form Of Drag There Is

“I am Jasmine Masters, and I have something to say. Rupaul’s Drag Race has f**ked up drag.”

Many who view the show, and even the young performers who enter the community, like to believe that what you see on the show is the only form of drag that is around. This is false. There are far more genres of drag than what you see on the show, because if it was just what you see on the show, it would not have lasted this long.

Drag has been around since even before the Shakespearian Era. Many forms of drag has been around for over 1000’s of years. What you see on the show, is not even the beginning of what you see in the drag world. There are many different forms of drag.

Size Has A Factor In Who Wins The Show

I want you all to take a look. Season after season, winner after winner and line them up. See something familiar? Not one is a big girl.

In fact, it took almost 5 seasons for there to be a big girl in the Top 3 of the show.

Many believe that there is a factor in how big you are is going to determine how the outcome of the show will be. And sadly, this is going to be one that I will have to agree with until I am proven wrong with a big girl taking home the crown.

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