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Treating Your Drag With Care

You spend the money for the costumes, you take the time to get everything ready, now it is time to put it all away until the next time you get into drag. However, many people like to take days, even weeks (if at all) to take the time to get everything put away in a way that will keep it from getting damaged. Here is a quick, and easy efficient way of making sure that your drag is being taken care of properly.

Have A Drag Washing Day

Yes, washing drag may be a chore, but it needs to be done. Take the time to wash your wigs after every 5-6 shows (if needed), wash your pantyhose, wash out your pads (comeon’ they can literally be dripping in sweat), and wash the more delicate pieces of drag that you have. Taking this to heart, you will be able to strive to keep a clean wardrobe, thus, your drag is taken care of.

Take The Time To Put Everything Away AFTER You Get Home

It took you half an hour to pack the bag, now it will only take 5 minutes to unpack your bag. Do not leave your costumes balled up in the suitcase, hang them up. Do not leave your jewelry just dangling in your suitcase, polish them up and package them away so they wont get broken. Take the time to unpack your bag.

Make Necessary Replacements/Repairs In A Timely Manner

You have noticed that rip in your costume for the last two shows, and now, it is almost beyond repair. Take the time, even if it is just a day a month, to sit down and repair any drag that you need to. If you have any jewelry that needs to be repaired, send it all out together. If you need to re-order pantyhose, take the time to go online and order some. It is as easy as pie!

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