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Using Social Media To Your Advantage

These days, everyone is online. Whether it be Twitter, Facebook or a combination of every platform, everyone is online. So how would you be able to use all this to your advantage? Here are a few tips and tricks when it comes to successfully using Social Media to your advantage, and grow exposure to your drag persona.

Create Both a PERSONAL and a CHARACTER profile on Facebook

Facebook is going to be where you will get a majority of your bookings if you do not get a booking face-to-face. So, I always say, create two facebook pages (one personal, one for your character) and start to separate the two.

Keep your personal life to your personal page, and keep any information about your character, on your character page. This will help to show that you can keep a balance with your drag life, and your personal life.

Get On Twitter

Yea twitter is filled with basic hashtags on the next celebrity scandal, but being on twitter is a sort of vital topic when it comes to your character.

Here you will have the chance to advertise for shows that you will be in, and you will also be able to get in contact with everything that is going on around you with only using a certain amount of characters.

A YouTube Account can do wonders

This topic is going to be hit on later today in another article, but for now, I will summarize the basics as to why having a YouTube account will help out your character.

YouTube will be there for you when you have any questions about drag. Videos teaching you what you need to know. Tutorials on makeup, costuming, etc.

If you have a YouTube account, you will be able to go back and see your history and see what all you have to study up on. It is a great tool for those who are just starting out, or for those who want to learn little tips and tricks

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