All New Changes Coming Summer 2018 (Name Change, Posting Schedule)

It has been over a year since the last time a post was added to this site. Although life may have gotten in the way, My Dragged Up Life has never left my mind.

Over the last year, steady changes to the site have been growing in my mind. Now, it is time for me to start implementing those changes.

Starting this summer, “My Dragged Up Life” will be changing its official name over to ‘The Haus Of Illusion’ to incorporate this particular blog into a brand new business that will also be launching later this summer.

Posting Schedules will be posted this July and will be supporting a poll that was conducted via in person to figure out when the best time to post would be.

I want to personally thank each visitor to the site these last few months that have left amazing comments, constantly viewed the site, referred the site to their friends and family, and have given me the time of day to help spread the inside secrets of the world of gender illusion.

With much love and until next time,

Austin Hansen – Author of My Dragged Up Life


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